TONA was founded to create the next generation of performance wear as well as inspire the next generation of women.

At TONA, we work with exceptional female innovators who are making a difference in their life, their community, and the world. Women who are aspirational examples today and will continue to stand as the example for those who follow.

To us, it’s not just about who has the most followers or likes on Instagram. To us, it’s about who does the most for others – or wants to! Yes, the biggest creators, ambassadors and innovators make the greatest brands. But the greatest brands also make the biggest creators, ambassadors and innovators.

If you are a Girl Who Gyms and you have excelled in areas of education, career, sports, design, art, science, dance, writing, music, law, medicine, teaching, community development, social impact, environmental impact, animal welfare, public speaking, non-profits, hospitality, campus development programs, senior care, youth mentoring, or other areas of contribution to give back to others, we would love to connect with you!

If you believe you qualify to be a TONA innovator and inspire the TONA mission, please submit the form below: