"One fabric. One color. One legging. One style. Three years. $2.2 million.

Because we are on a mission to create the last black leggings you will ever need."


At TONA, we believe the only thing that matters is making women feel beautiful in what they wear.

It all started with listening — to you. Before sewing a single stitch, visiting a single manufacturer, or developing a single material, we personally interviewed hundreds of women across North America to understand what they most wanted in their ultimate leggings. And what they didn't.

Then we spent three years and $2.2 million to create them. Because we are on a mission to create the last black legging you will ever need.

You can probably guess what women didn't want. Leggings that...

  • Lose shape
  • Lose compression
  • Slide down
  • Don't "suck them in" or make them feel supported
  • Don't cinch and hit them in the smallest part of the waist
  • Wear thin and become see through during bending, stretching or squatting
  • Create muffin top
  • Ride up in front
  • Have an uncomfortable gusset
  • Bag out around the hip crease and knees
  • Don't move with them for the greatest mobility, flexibility, and comfort
  • They have to fidget with in the gym
  • Pop at the seams when pulling them on
  • Have seams that dig in
  • Wear out way too fast for the price!

And you can probably guess what women did want as well:

  • Smoothing
  • Shaping
  • Sculpting
  • Lifting
  • Supporting
  • Coverage
  • Comfort
  • Compression
  • To feel "sucked in"
  • The softest, most touchable, breathable fabric
  • No-jiggle whether walking down the street or going to the gym
  • Cinch in the smallest part of the waist
  • Size-inclusive
  • Ethically manufactured
  • Mission-driven
  • Leggings that LAST


"A Radically Redesigned Legging"

So how did we do it?

You simply can't create the most premium leggings without the best fabric mills, the top manufacturers, and the most experienced, caring designers.

We didn't see anything on the market that did what we wanted it to do. And we knew to create something truly special, we had to start from the bottom up. So, we didn't just start with the fabric — we started with the fiber!

TONA's Chief Design Officer was the founding designer and employee #6 for Lululemon. She co-developed the original Lululemon® Luon® fabric – the most popular activewear fabric in the world. But we're new. We knew we had to create something better.

Our proprietary TONAFit fabric is constructed of the highest denier fibers, woven into the finest threads, and finally knitted into the most supple, breathable fabrics that last. In fact, our proprietary, custom manufactured TONAFit fabric is 60% more expensive than any other fabric available from top activewear brands today.

We even had to special order our thread because we couldn't find one spool in our factory that met our standards of elasticity to create the optimal flexibility and mobility in our stitching.

Then we crafted it all into the most body-hugging, supportive and comfortable leggings you have ever put on your skin. Finally, we fit our designs on multiple fit models in multiple sizes to ensure we had the perfect fit for you.

"You were made to sweat on machines and benches every day…but your YOGA leggings weren’t."

You already know yoga leggings aren't meant to be worn to the gym. That's why they lose shape, lose memory, lose compression, bag out, don't lift and support, slide down, become see-through and wear out faster than they should. You were made to sweat on machines and benches every day. But your YOGA leggings weren't.

"A thoughtful, gym-girl-first approach to creating the most premium upscale gym legging"

So, we took a thoughtful, gym-girl-first approach to creating the most premium gym legging designed especially for you. Because these leggings don't do yoga either.

You see, creating a radically redesigned legging that solves problems in the gym isn't any one thing. It's hundreds of small, incremental changes that all add up to a huge difference in how your leggings fit and feel every time you put them on. So soft and supportive you won't feel like you have anything on at all...

And now we are offering them to you. Try TONA LIFTFIT Leggings Now >>